Individuals with Asperger's often have some or most of the following attributes:

  • Speaks in a scholarly manner and emphasizes correct grammar

  • Talks about subjects excessively even if the subject holds little interest for others
  • Interprets conversations literally and has difficulty understanding metaphors
  • Limits/avoids eye contact
  • Has difficulty relating to others
  • Has few or no friends even though there is a desire to
    have them
  • Shows little interest in what others find interesting
  • Engages in inappropriate behavior with respect to a favorite interest
  • Displays a strong reaction to a break in routine
  • Engages in obsessive and/or ritualistic behavior
  • Exhibits an extreme interest in a narrow subject
  • Displays excellent rote memory
  • May not understand concepts that are generally held
    as common sense
  • Often stiffness, flinches or pulls away when hugged
  • Favors clothes made of a particular fabric
  • Appears awkward or uncoordinated